Haus de Slaughter Fashion Show

Today, I participated in a cosplay fashion show.

3 weeks ago, I met the fashion coordinator, Ra, on Facebook, and he asked, "Hey, I hear you're a cosplayer. Can you participate in my fashion show?" Since I want to not only do cosplaying but modelling as well, I said, "Sure."

Afterwards, he asked if I can choreograph a stage fight for him. Since I know martial arts, I agreed. But there was a problem. The anime he wanted me to choreograph a stage fight for was "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt," and he wanted a Panty and Stocking vs. Scanty and Kneesocks fight, but he didn't have a Panty cosplayer. Since he couldn't find a Panty cosplayer, I had to cosplay Panty.

I only had two weeks to make the Panty cosplay, so I had to make it fast. To make it quickly, I used stuff like leftover fabric and my friend Amy's Chobbits wig. I didn't like the results, but there wasn't any time. One day, I'll fix it. In addition to Panty, I also wore my Echo cosplay. It was fun wearing it again.

Between the cosplay and the fight choreography, I have a lot of people to thank.

1. Raくん:コスプレファションショーに出させてくれてありがとう!本当に楽しかった。またショーがあると、でたいね
1. Ra: Thanks for letting me participate in your cosplay fashion show! It was a lot of fun. If you have another show, I want to be in it

2. Robin先輩:私のストッキングちゃ〜ん!化粧を手伝ってくれてありがとう。また会うね^^
2. Robin: My Stocking~! Thanks for helping me with my makeup. Let's hang out again ^^

3. SelenaちゃんとKiraちゃん:スキャンティとニーソックスのコスプレは最高!「パンティ&ストッキングwithガーターベルト」を見せてありがとう。見る止まられない
3. Selena and Kira: Your Scanty and Kneesocks cosplays are the best! Thank you so much for showing me the anime "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt." I can't stop watching 

4. EriちゃんとNathanさん:Eriちゃんとてもきれいで、Nathansさんがとても面白い。そして、娘ちゃんも超かわいいえへ、Eriちゃん、ボディーテープのアドバイスをありがとうね。助かったわ。
4. Eri and Nathan: Eri, you're so pretty, and Nathan, you're so funny And your daughter's soooo cute! Ehe, Eri, thanks for the advice on body tape. It saved me.

5. Amyちゃん:鬘をくれてありがとう!本当に助かった。
5. Amy: Thanks for giving me your wig! It really saved me.

In addition to these people, I was glad to meet people like Darin, Kiefer, Taylor, and Jenny. And buunbuun, tsukihito, and kiyominai, thanks for coming!

I want to do something like this again. I hope I can do it again!

Kawaii-Kon 2011

From April 29 to May 1, there was an event called Kawaii-Kon. In Hawaii, Kawaii-Kon is one of two anime events every year. Since I finally have time, I'll write a short report about it.

On Friday, I arrived a little late. The friends with whom I was staying in a hotel room with got lost to my house, and traffic was bad. That's why instead of in cosplay, I entered the karaoke contest dressed in regular clothes. I'm the second person.

Afterwards, I wore my first girl cosplay: Echo from "Pandora Hearts." The dress was a little short, so I was a little nervous, but since I was with my friends all the time, I relaxed. We all did "Pandora Hearts" cosplay. Together with a Jack cosplayer, we took this photo.

Pandora Hearts: All Together by *AngelofRebirth2015 on deviantART

土曜日に新しいコスプレをしました。このコスプレは...「薄桜鬼」の沖田総司!!このコスプレをすることに急に決めたから、速く作らなければならなかった。かんぺきじゃなくても、Kawaii-Konのコスプレコンクールを出た。Judge's Choice賞をもらうことに言われた時に、ビックリした!三人の友達も賞をもらった。付き合ってるRussellくんとTarynちゃんは「ソウルキャリバー」のキリクと柴香華としてBest Craftsmanshipの賞をもらって、そして、「戦国BASARA」の伊達政宗としてbuunbuunちゃんと「パンドラハーツ」のジャックコスプレヤーもJudge's Choice賞をもらった。皆、おめでとう!
On Saturday, I wore a new cosplay. That cosplay was... HAKUOUKI'S OKITA SOUJI!! I decided on doing this cosplay rather suddenly, so I had to rush to make it. Even though it wasn't perfect, I entered it in the Kawaii-Kon Cosplay Showcase. When I heard I won Judge's Choice, I was shocked! Three of my friends also won awards. Russell and Taryn, who are going out, won Best Craftsmanship as Kilik and Xianghua from "Soul Calibur", and buunbuun as Date Masamune from "Sengoku Basara" and the "Pandora Hearts" Jack cosplayer also won Judge's Choice. Congratulations everyone!

Photo: JaPoKaRu

それから、大好きなコスプレヤーをやっと会った。そのコスプレヤーは...Yaya Han!!アメリカでコスプレで有名な女の人で、本当にすごいよ。サイトはここ。サインしてる写真を買った。
In addition, I finally got to meet one of my favorite cosplayers. That cosplayer is... Yaya Han!! In America, she's a woman known for her cosplays, and she's really good at it. Her site is here. I bought a signed photo from her.

他のコスプレを作る時間がなかったので、日曜日にまた「ペットショップ オブ ホラーズ」の饕餮をコスプレした。シドニーのSupanovaのように、ちょっとパフォーマンスをした。賞をもらわなかったけど、皆は大好きだった。後で、すぐ家に帰った。
I didn't have time to make another cosplay, so I wore Totetsu "Petshop of Horrors"
again. Like at Sydney's Supanova, I did a little performance. I didn't win an award for it, but everyone liked it. Soon afterwards, I went home.

Kawaii-Kon was fun! Can't wait for next year!

Toys n' JoysとHEXXP

Hey everyone, it's been a while!

最近、イベントを二つに行った。そのイベントはToys 'n JoysのコスプレイベントとHEXXPです。十月にToys 'n Joysという玩具屋はハロウィンを祝うためにコスプレイベントがあった。コスチュームを着たのはこっちだ!
Lately, I went to two events. Those events were Toys 'n Joys' Cosplay Contest and HEXXP. In October, the toy shop Toys 'n Joys had a cosplay event to celebrate Halloween. The costume I wore was this!

Kawaii-KonのCosplay Showcaseで出るつもりだったけど同じ日学校のイベントがあったので出られなかった。だから、今回は陸遜としてこのコンクールで出た。「ヘタリア Axis Powers」のエジプト役の友達のpandaboox3も出た。とても楽しかったよ。出会ったコスプレイヤーも出会ったことないコスプレイヤーも会ってよかったよ。この人の中で一番好きなコスプレイヤーこの人です。キャラは「テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリア」のユーリ・ローウェルだ。
Yep, it's Lu Xun!
I was planning on entering him at Kawaii-Kon's Cosplay Showcase, but since I had a school event the same day, I couldn't. That's why, I entered him in this contest. My friend pandaboox3 also entered. It was a lot of fun. I was happy to meet cosplayers I met before and those I didn't. Out of all of them, my favorite one was this person. Her character was Tales of Vesperia's Yuri Lowell.
At this contest, I won both honorable mentions for Fan Favorite and Originality! I was shocked (laughs)

二番目のイベントはHEXXPでした!今年が一回のでとても小さいイベントだった。でも、楽しかった。友達のpandaboox3がボランティアーをしていとこのジャレッドと行った。写真がない(ごめんなさい!)^^;でも、ここにグリンスクリンの写真を見られる。「ヘタリア Axis Powers」の日本と「ペットショップ オブ ホラーズ」饕餮として見られる。撮影
My second event was HEXXP! This was they're first year, so it was a really small event. But it was fun. I went with my cousin Jared, and my friend pandaboox3 was volunteering. I didn't get any pictures (sorry!) ^^; But you can see pictures from the green screen booth here. You can see me as Japan from Hetalia Axis Powers and Totetsu from Petshop of Horrors. Photo by

うわああ〜、長いエントリは長かった(笑)次は四月にKawaii-Kon!!「パンドラハーツ」のエコや「ツバサ-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-」の小狼など着るつもりだ。楽しんでくださいね!^^
Phew~, long entry was long (laughs) Next is Kawaii-Kon in April! I'm planning on wearing Pandora Heart's Echo, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle's Syaoran, etc. Look forward to it! ^^



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